My Enemy’s Cradle – Sara Young

February 21, 2010

enemys-cradleI loved this book …and it’s been 3 days since I have finished reading it and I cannot stop thinking about it. This is another WWII story but not your typical story. Don’t get me wrong…the war is going on…there are atrocities for sure…and heart break,

and the heroine of this story is a Jewish girl…but it takes a look at non Jews as well, and how the war effected everyone, even unborn babies. This novel takes us into the little known world of the Nazi Lebensborn, which were maternity homes for pregnant girls carrying German babies. These girls were treated so well…and fed so well…when so many people were starving during these times. But these young, unwed girls were important to the Germans…in fact many thought this was their job…to produce German babies for their country. Cyrla, is a young Jewish girl, sent from Poland by her father, to live with her Dutch relatives in hopes of keeping her safe during these frightful time.Cyrla was lucky she had 5 wonderful years with her new family before everything changed. Cyrla had lived with her aunt, uncle and cousin Anneke, who was

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more like her twin sister then cousin. In an unexpected turn of events Cyrla ‘s world changes completely and the journey she embarks on is one no one

would expect. In the midst of all this uncertainly, heartbreak and unsafe condtions for the Jews an unexpected love story transpires, again one that no one would suspect, especially Cyrla. I highly recommend this book and it was one I just didn’t want to put down.

American Wife – Curtis Sittenfeld

February 11, 2010

american-wife1For some reason this book took me forever to get through..but not because I didn’t like it. In fact I really enjoyed this book. The story is about Alice Lindgren, a nice girl from a small Midwestern town. Alice is a typical teenager until one day a tragic

accident changes her life and her path forever. After attempting to move on with her life, Alice eventually meets her future husband and is swept off her feet into love and a whole new life. The man she meets and falls in love with eventually turns to politics and becomes the President of the United States. Getting a glimpse into the world of the first lady is quite fascinating and what really will change how you view this novel is that the characters are loosely based on Laura and George order cialis online uk Bush. This becomes more noticeable once the story moves into the White House days and the history of the Bush days are quite cialis online reviews clear…the war…weapons of

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mass destruction etc. I admit besides being the first lady I knew nothing about Laura where to buy viagra online Bush so getting a glimpse into her life and her early years was very interesting. The book is fiction, however the author did a lot of research on the first couple and those facts are what inspired the story. Fact or fiction…I really enjoyed this book and definitely recommend it.