From Time and Eternity – Allison Pittman

January 4, 2012

This story starts out in the 1850’s in Iowa. We follow a young girl, an only child, Camilla, being raised by her strict and loving Christian parents. Camilla is a lonely girl and she meets a boy. It is a very common story with a twist. Boy meets girl, they fall in love, sildenafil citrate 100mg run away from her disapproving parents, and tadalafil 20mg have a family. However there is no happily ever after when the boy is part of the Mormon Church and believes when the church tells him in order to have a happy eternity he must have more then one wife.

The book starts out as such a beautiful love story and then two faiths collide and it can never be the same. I will say that tadalafil dosage I really enjoyed this book and seem to find the topic of polygamy quite fascinating and I understand that many strongly disagree. I also understand that many find it hard to tolerate plural marriage at all or even read about. But for those exact reasons, what these women must go through to live this lifestyle, for me is worth reading about and learning about and trying to understand. For all
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those natural feeling and emotions we have at the thought of sister wives, is why I found my heart breaking for the first wife in this book. Watching Camilla trying to understand how a man, her husband who loves her could take another wife was heart wrenching. You can feel for her and what she is going through and how she cannot tolerate her husband being married to another woman in her own house. It is very difficult to imagine, but many live it and believe it in. That is what I liked most about this book, getting an understanding of this lifestyle and how some learned to live with

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it tadalafil generic and others just couldn’t. 100mg cialis And while many women whether they believed or didn’t believe really didn’t have a say at all. The ending of this book will leave you wondering and perhaps like myself quite frustrated. I enjoyed the book so much but there were many unanswered questions that I can only hope a sequel will be able to answer